ICT ShowRoom event 2021

ICT Showroom 2021 student project exhibition and competition 2021

The ICT ShowRoom 2021 event took place on Thursday March 11 at 10:00 – 14:00. Online event took place in ICT-city online environment. Each team had their own digital booth with project poster, pitching video, information about the project and link (Teams/Zoom) to meet the team members in person.

We had 40 student teams joining the event with exciting and innovative projects. The event was sponsored by 2M-IT, Anders, ATR Soft, CADMATIC, Nextfour, Sofokus and Vaadin. Thank you for all participants, mentors and sponsors!


WINNERS: SNAGARI Timi Ahlfors, Viljami Heikkilä, Jere Stenius, Jarkko Kankaanpää and Juho Hella (TUAS)
Best Ensemble: Maakravut TUAS
Best Educational Game for Need: Savest ÅAU
Best Atmosphere: Aiko’s Forest Adventure TUAS
Best Technical Talent: CoolGreen UTU
Best Business Potential: LinkedSocial ÅAU
Best Pitch: RestQuest ÅAU
Best Current Topic: Voint.io ÅAU
Winner of public voting: Capstone: Oil Spill Using VR – VR Training Program for Preventing Oil Spills TUAS